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Shine Packaging Provides One-Stop Perfume Packaging Solutions To Shine Your Perfume Brand And Stand Out In The Fierce Competition

Free design, mold, samples

Stringent quality control process

Professional customer service

Complete range and flexible moq

Perfume Bottle Customization, Wholesale,Supply

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle

Screw Neck Perfume Bottle

Perfume Sample Bottle

Roll on Perfume Bottle

Perfume Atomizer

Essential Oil Bottle

Diffuser Bottle

Attar Bottle

One-Stop Solution For Perfume Bottle Customization

Shine Packaging offers a wide range of personalization options including glass perfume bottle capacity, color, shape, surface decoration, perfume bottle caps, spray pumps, and packaging boxes. From design conception to commercialization, we accompany you every step of the way to make your product stand out from the competition.

Design and Product Development

Decoration Solution

Design and Product Development

Shine Packaging has an experienced and creative design team. They will carry out creative designs based on customer needs and market trends, and provide unique and innovative perfume bottle design solutions.

Decoration Solution

We provide silk screens, hot stamping, spraying, frosting, and other decorative techniques to tell your brand story and shine your perfume brand.

Recognized and trusted by customers

Very good quality, delivery arrived on time and the product was as requested. I was kept informed of the progress of this order every time I asked. I would recommend them.

Mrs. Mona Wan is an excellent salesperson. She was always friendly and eager to help when putting the order together. The quality of the glass is also excellent, very transparent, and no bubbles.

These bottles arrived as promised. They were packed extremely well to protect them from any possible issues. The bottles themselves are even better than what you see in the photo. A nice weight to them, a beautiful matte finish. Our client loves them. We now wait for a few other pieces to come together so we can move forward with this larger order. Bravo! Beautiful work! Thank you.


An inspiring fragrance deserves amazing packaging,

let's work together to build your project!

We get to know you, your product, your needs and your goals. Then we'll take a closer look at what's best for you. We combine all of this inspiration with our deep understanding of glass and design until you love the result so much you can't wait to see it on the shelves.

Trendy Design

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