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Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle

Crimp closures have been the norm in commercial fragrances for many years. A crimp-style pump is attached to the bottle neck and then crimped onto the ridge on the bottle neck, rendering the pump non-removable. This prevents the perfume from evaporating and safeguards the packaging from leaks. The crimp neck seal guarantees that your fragrance stays fresh and effective for a prolonged period. With just a few rotations of the cap, you can seal the fragrance and stop any leakage or evaporation. The tight seal additionally inhibits oxygen from altering the fragrance, enabling your scent to retain its authentic amalgamation. Crimp neck perfume bottles come in a plethora of dimensions, hues, and designs, so whether you fancy a compact bottle for journeys or a vast bottle for collection, we possess the most fitting alternative for you.
Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle

31 Products in Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle

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Cylinder Shape Perfume Bottle With Box

Matte Black Perfume Bottle 30ml 50ml 100ml

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Multiple customization options for your perfume packaging

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Size

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Size

We provide Crimp Neck Perfume Bottles in different sizes ranging from 1ml to 250ml. We also offer customization options tailored to your specific requirements.

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Color

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Color

We support customizing Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle in various colors, such as black, pink, blue, purple, clear color, etc. You can choose custom colors based on your branding needs.

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Shape

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Shape

We have a variety of Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle bottle shapes to choose from, such as square, round, oval, etc. We can also customize various special-shaped Crimp Neck Perfume Bottles according to your needs.

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Decoration

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Decoration

We offer a variety of decorating options including screen printing, foil stamping, spray coating, plating, flocking, and decals to personalize your bottles and enhance your brand image.

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Caps&Sprayer

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Caps&Sprayer

We operate a cap production workshop and offer tailored customization with various materials and functions to match the neck finish of your crimp neck perfume bottle according to your needs.

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Boxes

Crimp Neck Perfume Bottle Boxes

Different perfume boxes can meet the storage conditions of different perfume bottles, and customers are free to choose the box design to perfectly match their bottle and brand.

Shine Packaging Advantage

From Design Concept to Commercialization

Tailored Design

Our passion translates insights and ideas into eye-catching crimp neck perfume bottle designs.

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    Professional design team, experienced designers, original design.

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    Keeping both form and function in mind, our designers and engineers work hand in hand to offer a wide range of traditional and innovative crimp neck perfume bottle designs for you to choose from.

Efficient Manufacturing

We utilize an all-encompassing production and manufacturing management system, with proficient engineers overseeing each stage.

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    Our production team is experienced and pays attention to every detail.

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    Advanced production equipment and processes guarantee high-quality results while significantly enhancing production efficiency.

Strict Quality Control

Adhering to the value of win-win with our customers, we never compromise on our high quality standards.

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    From receiving raw materials to melting, molding, inspecting, and packing, we have implemented various quality controls to ensure our products meet standards.

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    Automatic testing equipment, laboratory instrument testing, 100% manual inspection.

Our Quality Commitment:

  • All orders include inspection reports.
  • Automatic testing equipment, laboratory instrument testing, 100% manual inspection.
  • Products are ISO 9001 certified, complying with safety standards.
  • Quality is guaranteed, and we will rectify any damage or non-compliance.
  • All production materials are environmentally sustainable and renewable.

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